Eternal Maps

Just getting back to this game and found one of these was wondering how rare they are ?:grinning:

Pretty rare, indeed

Tip : save eternal and legend maps till you have a good stock. Buy a monster spawn potion, or get one from watching commercial, then run em all.


I didn’t drop one for at least one month. Use it wisely, with a good farming set and monster spawn boost.

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Thanks for the tip

Thanks for the tip and btw how can i increase my survivability. I can kill epic bosses easy for the floors im on but when legend bosses spawn its hard to kill cuz i die alot

dodge 'n block


Is it possible to get 100% dodge and does that mean i will never get hit?

Yes it means you never get hit. One way to get 100% dodge is 50% dodge and using stealth which doubles dodge and protects you for a certain amount of seconds.