Eternal Pet Hunting --> Tips and Tricks

Id Listen to @Golem :sunglasses: I come up with crazy ideas and he works out the maths and says that the idea is good or crap :roll_eyes:

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I’m using a double Nadroji on my farmer and have sacrificed eternalised because I have the treasured perk. But that’s late game gambling. Without the perk then keep eternalized.

Hmmmm I was replying to the wrong post :joy:

Ha! For the record I have treasured :slight_smile:


lol!. well, some of the math is stuff I have learned from doing and seeing, or reading in forums. also, I have had some crazy ideas, and some work out and some don’t.

also, reading some of the latest posts I made on this thread, I am back to using double Nadroji again. just need about 30ish more Enslavers for the next Eternal Pet. hope it is one with a Set affix I like to use with Epic affixes that are usable on certain build I like to make…

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i got this but etarnal version …


My post forum the thread below is still accurate. :+1:


welcome back @Mr_Scooty , I noticed you climbed a lot of floors recently. did you find any good Pets while climbing? or just the average ones everyone finds? I finally climbed past floor 1500 on M3. getting closer to my next Eternal Pet but have gone back to farming again. thinking of making a Wizard Fire Elemental Master Farm Build.

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Thank you TJ. I did a floor climbing test but was not focusing on pets. You can clear floors in 10-15 seconds with the right crafts. I picked up eight eternal pets but they were nothing spectacular. The probability of obtaining a good eternal pet is very low and I created a post in this thread to discuss the odds of getting a useful eternal pet. Here is a dash of good luck ok your next eternal pet drop :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


wow! well, I have read this thread at least 2 or 3 times, and referenced it more often for others, and like parts of the Build here for my usual Farm Build.

as far as climbing, I have read about that kind of crafting, and am actually working my way there, just to try it myself, but am in no hurry, but maybe I should be in a little more of a hurry!

and thanks for the extra :four_leaf_clover:'s ! my first two are only really good for Warriors, and that is my weakest Class to Craft for at the moment, as I prefer Wizard and Rogue. but I have to admit, using Warrior Skills on the other 2 Classes has made me think of ways to make a Warrior Build I might have fun using (have been using Torrent on my Wizard lately, and been thinking of better ways to use it with any Class, with Warrior getting the most benefit of course).


Scalp on anyclass is good.

I did a Running Wizard version of my Ascending Build with Scalp & Living Force. just hold Scalp and run around. ohh! I just had a great idea :nerd_face: ! run around holding down Scalp, with Smoke Bomb Proc and Smoke Screen Set, with Earthquake Mythic.

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Add a little bleed damage maybe ? But don’t go mad bleed is so slow…

Ranking up a new Eternal pet:

Still think my first one is the best, and currently crafting a high hp regen Skullshield PVP build around it:

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Level your pets up in farming . Both are good :sunglasses:

Been farming like crazy :wink: I have a good supply now for PVP revamping, not really trying to get to Eternal div 1, just having fun trying things out. I recently got out of my comfort zone and built a Mayham/Druidic Warrior. Didn’t work out so well. Now working on a Bloodmagic/Druidic high hp regen Warrior build to partner with my new Barrage/summoner hybrid.

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I have a barrage summone r too. I see you have made 2v2 eternal league. Well done. Let us summoner s conquer the arena.

If you are making a tank warrior then have him as an hireling to wizard. The warrior occupies the enemy while you sneak up and barrage them.

Good sire what map do you usually grind for pet eternal pets?

400 any difficulty.

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