Eternal Pet Thread

some questions and observations…

  1. Are there crystal enternal pets?
  2. Does gear luck or eternalized effect the chances for an Eternal Pet
  3. Does MAP luck effect the chances for an eternal pet
  4. I assume the chances for an Eternal Pet are higher when completing the achievment? That’s the only way I have found one.

There are a couple other threads talking about Eternal Pets, and they suggest the best way to farm Slavers is with + epic % maps. I have found that to not be the case. Here’s what I consider the best method for farming slavers.

  • Play on fairly lower lvl maps so buying new maps is cheap
  • Play every map, not just the epic % ones.
  • Note common locations of Slavers. Mostly they are in the upper right or upper left corner of the map. The further down you go, the less likely a Slaver. Learn the spawn spots, and just run to those. If you dont see a slaver, just buy a new map and use it.

I can find 7-10 per hour using this method.

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There are no crystal eternal pets, if you see someone having a pet with a crystal affix, report it on the forum

About eternal pet.

Ive been hunting eternal pet. and now have like 10-13 lagend pet. i just curious tho whal will the shiny look like when eternal pet drop.
do it drop like normal lagend pet/item and when pick up it turn to be eternal ?
it drop like eternal map.? i mean pet with green glow.?

how to get eternal maps?

by luck. lol…
feat collect 25 map
kill 100 carto
lagend map drop have chance become eternal.

i wish i could get some eternal maps. but i manage to get eternal nadroji ring

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That nice tho. for collection. lol. i got 5 eternal map now. waiting for 2.1 release lol.

Sorry, didn’t understand anything

colour glowing on pet. when it drop as eternel pet does it greeny or it just normal red legend glowing.?

Should be green.

ahh i see.

Can somebody share a screenie of eternal pet/map?

How better is a eternal map to a legend one?
Is all the stats double on the eternal map?

yep double affix value

Bluff. :confused: In my other account I get an Eternal pet by opening an Eternal Reward Chest.

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