Eternal Stone of Nadroji better than crafted ring?

Hey All,
I am having a very hard time deciding on this one. I got my first “holy crap” eternal legend drop a couple of days ago. It was this bad boy:

I was super excited when I got it because of the + Set numbers and +4 from this ring seemed awesome. This seemed like a ridiculously good pairing with my Nadroji’s Crystal that I have been working on.

However, I soon realized that +4 sets was the max allowed by DQ, so I can’t get the full benefit of these two awesome pieces together. Now I’m stuck on what to do. There are a few things about the Eternal Nadroji that aren’t ideal for me. First and foremost, I can’t put a crystal affix on it so that sucks. Second, the +MP% on the ring is a totally useless affix for me since I my main toon is a flintlock blood magic rogue. Would I be better off just crafting a ring? I had a good Effective ring underway when the Nadroji dropped:

Any thoughts appreciated!

Use that crafted 1 and put zenith, anyways the decision is always yours whether youll hold that affix of eternal nadroji or use some other affix that’ll help you a lot with your build,

I believe the MP% will increase your HP% with Blood Magic.

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