Eternal vs crystal

Trying to understand yet another aspect about crafting, and hoping to get some help.
The blight affix on this eternal piece breaks 100% (which I thought was max roll) I take it, that it can reach that value, because it’s an eternal piece.
The crystal piece has the added mp regenerate unique value for that kinda afix.
What I’m trying to find out is - is it possible to add crystal to an eternal item and get the best from both worlds?

You can’t add affixes or change the values of an eternal item.

Crystal affixes cannot be added to eternal items but they can spawn on them eternals work by doubling all affixes on gear except crystal affixes :smile:

I believe elemental critical damage % has no limit on a build. It has a limit of 100% when rolling rubies but no max on a toon’s collective gear.

Allright. Thnx all. Much appreciated!
Time to find out what affix would suit the build best then:)