Eternal vs Crystal

Has anyone found an Eternal piece that replace Crystal? When I say Crystal, I’m talking about the ones made by players and randomed over and over until you have a maxed out piece. I have farmed a few pieces and while 1 or 2 stats make my eyes go O.O, the rest of the stats are eh making the new gear usless. Has anyone found a OMG piece. should I keep farming them or just give up now?

I haven’t found any interesting eternal yet. But this guy is driving me crazy with his Cataclysm ring :frowning:

That one is kind of sweet. The potential is there but I get 1 for every Mythical Mob I kill and 1 random drop between Mythical mobs. At this rate its going to take years to get 1 OMG piece.

Yeah. I’ve had two eternal legendaries drop for me, and both of them suck compared to gear crafted in 1.7.

Well, that’s pretty much a toss-up. Half the gold find, but I get a little bit of luck in return for, well, a ton of mob-clearing ability (and that’s assuming I use one of my few remaining Elixers to replace the +2 All Sets I’d be losing).

Eternal is good because affix is powerful than topaz crystal but its to hard to loot good affixes eternal and you canto custumize all affixes only byryl and calcite crystal can apply to eternal