Eternal weapons

Hey ppl!
Been trying to read up on some of the various guides on crafting, along with some experimenting on my own gear, and I’ve made progress as far as understanding just a slight bit about the whole thing, but, but…
It just seems immencely complex to me, and I have a hard time figuring out how the whole ‘class-specific’ items works. For instance - the two items I’ve linked - the armor, as far as I’ve read, can be changed for warrior for instance - but ‘Bucaneer’ and ‘Scattershot’ won’t work for warrior I take it. Will those stats change to something useful for a warrior, etc. Or am I just totally wrong, and it’s only a very few selected items that can be rerolled for another class - weapons for instance? I’m thinking that I might be able to use the sword on a rogue if it could be rerolled as a bow.
I know, for some of you, this might be basic knowledge, and the linked items might be shot, but I’m still relatively new to the game - reaching lol 90 soon, after having ascended one time so far, and I feel like I should know more about the game by now, but kinda feeling dumb about the whole thing still…
SO - any thoughts/links to stuff that helped you in the past or preferably videos, as I learn quicker by watching stuff instead of reading about it, all of the above mentioned would be GREATLY appreciated

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@Wack yes you can convert gear from one class to another via Jasper but the MH/OH skills will convert to the new class. See chart below. For example, if you Jasper the Skyfall staff from Wizard to Warrior, it will convert from comet/meteor to a sword with flurry/throwsword.

Jasper conversion:

Wizard Warrior Rogue

Staff Sword Chakram
Wand Lance Flintlock
Sword Hammer Dagger
Gauntlet Axe Bow

Manshld Hatchet Mirror
Skull Horn Trap
Tome Totem Vial
Orb Shield Bomb

Regarding skill conversion. You can change the special skill only on MH/OH weapons with Amber. So you could be Warrior class using a hammer & change the special skill to meteor. However you can’t use Amber on eternal items.

So to answer your question. A Warrior can use the scattershot special skill if you Amber the skill onto a Warrior weapon. But you can’t do it on the Obsidian blade u have pictured because it’s eternal.

One thing to keep in mind, you can’t change your classes heroic skills. So if you play a Warrior & Amber scattershot to your sword, you can’t boost the skill with heroic skills. The only way you can boost the skill is by adding +10 Scattershot affixes to your gear (except OH gear since it’s a mainhand skill). If you add 4 +10 Scattershot to your gear you can max the skill but at the cost of 4 affix slots. Not worth it. People will Amber special skills to warrior MH/OH gear for skills like blinkstrike or shatter since they give movement to the Warrior.

You also asked for some general gameplay direction. This is what I used to get started & still use it today.

Thank you. Much appreciated!

Buccaneer will not change as it is a “set affix” but scattershot will change to a different heroic skill for the new class and buccaneer will be usable on another class if you apply the crystal amber to your mainhand weapon and pick up the skill scatter shot :smile:
Here are a small list of other resources in addition too SHTT! :smile: