Eternal Weapons

As some of you know, I am staying in 1.8.0 because I want an Eternal Muramasa with a slot. The entire reasoning is because it is the best weapon for a Pheriphery build. I cannot make or farm a better item especially if it is a Crystal Eternal.

Eternal weapons, specifically Rogue ones, tend to lack Epic or higher WD%, +WD and a slot (Which can be used to give WD% or other unique weapon only effects). They get a lot of other neat stuff like Epic ED%, +ED, ASPD, Multi/Extra attack, and Procs. These however cannot replace the importance of WD%, +WD and a slot on a weapon because they can all be acquired on other equipment. The DPS formula is [(Base WDIQWD%)+WD]*ED%+ED. As you can see %WD and +WD is multiplied with ED% and +ED. What makes this worse is that Epic ED% only goes to 20% which it is nothing compared to 50% WD in terms of boosts. Why? because the number of Rogue weapon with +WD is less than 5 (only Daggers and Chakrams have it)… The weapons from other classes usually have 2 of WD%, +WD and a Slot while most Rogue ones only have 1 of the 3.

Rogue OH mostly have skills that do not deal damage. The Killswitch affix was made to buff Traps. Yet no Trap has access to WD% and +WD very few of them contain a slot for 50% WD. Mirrors which could also be a reliable damage dealer thanks to Mirror Image also has no access to WD% and +WD (but with Trickster and Mirage, you are better off using Bombs).

Funny enough the Equality OH weapon Balace has WD% and 2 slots but it is Vial which has no damage dealing skills. XD

Thanks for the feedback Unities! :smile: