I’m just new here in this game, I’m just wanting to know:

what is the max chance of getting ETERNAL item with ETERNALIZED in my equipped item, it said that the BASE/MINIMUN chance of getting ETERNAL item is 1%, so what would be the MAX chance rate???
and also about NADROJI

—> any build guide what should I combo with this ETERNALIZED and NADROJI equipped item?

PLEASE :smiley:

Base chance of Eternals is 1% and same with Crystal Legends. This is increased by Treasured Perk as well as the sets Eternalized and Crystalline.

Eternalized (5) can increase chance of eternal legends by 250%. Treasured Perk increases the chance of finding eternal legends by 300%.

That’s total 550% increased chance or +5.5% increased find of eternals.

In total that’s 1%+5.5%= 6.5% chance to find eternals which is very high. You can get the same % with Crystalline and Treasured Perk for crystal legends. This is high chance rate if you have Eternalized (5) and Treasured Perk.

If you have Eternalized (8) which is actually possible , that’s 400% increased chance to find eternals. Treasured Perk is 300%.
This means 700% increased chance to find eternals. However this will take up so many valuable farm build set slots so it’s not always worth it.

This means 1%+7%= 8% chance to find eternals.

Eternalized with Nadroji just means you will have increased chance of finding rare legends from epic+ enemies’ who are classed as ‘powerful enemies’ and a chance of getting them eternal. Similar case with Crystalline but that only applys to rare legends with Epic affixes that can easily be Crystal affixes.

Recommended farm build is using Eternalized + Crystalline set. Also optional to use Nadroji or Nadroji with Bonus .