Eternalized/ Crystallized

Are these obtaonable on chests? Only seem to find these on weapons or helms.

I’ve seen eternalized on a necklace in this video by @Griffin

But I’ve no idea if its a base item of some sort, or if he rolled it using Crystals.


Eternalized can be obtained on rings, necklaces, helms, and weapons and crystalline can be found on helms and weapons :smile:

can be loot

I take it that by ‘obtained’ regarding Eternalized, you mean ‘crafted’. If, as @Eater says, it can be a drop, I don’t, know from where. I only see these Eternalized items in the legendex/none are rings/necklaces?

Dunno how I missed that:)

Glad to help :+1: Regarding the 2nd part of your question, Eternalized can’t be rolled via Amethyst.