Eterno fabled

Which purple affix should I put?

Cosmic orb are both good in pve and pvp @Garfild

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Thanks !

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What other affix should I put?
1 20000 hp
2 10000 weapon dmg
3 100% weapon dmg

How did you get new affixes to an eternal item?
And all with perfect roll? I cant use diamonds or saphiers for eternal items

Fabled permission !

I can answer that.

Weapons like Fabled Staff come with Mythical set affix,Mythology affix and 4 Empty Sockets.As you know,you can insert specific mythstones to create a mythic proc affix.As so,he gets 3 empty spaces.

Eternal gear actually DOES allow the use of crystals that give affixes,so if you get spaces in your eternal gear,be sure to fill them out.

As for perfect roll,it is based around iLVL and quality of the equipment,and your actual luck (not the stat Luck).Eternal gear already has a quality of 50%,so getting perfect affixes is really easy.


Thank you :wink:

Its better go 100%wd 10000wd 150critdmg or 45%AS or +20relentless(if u farm on high floors) in pve… in pvp 10000WD 10000ED 20000HP is better.

Elemental damage ? Kkkkkkkkk


@Garfild raw dmg ED is one of.the best dmg booster in pvp its far better compare to 100% ed in pvp. Easiest way to.pump ur dmh in arena is by having atleast 4-8x raw ED in gears

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@roykiyoy So THATS why I’m doing some good damage with the build you showed me…Right?

@Epicskunk almost all players build uses raw dmg ed in der gears combined with dmg multipliers to achieved desired dmg. That build can be a lit better its up to you how to make it stronger and more versatile. Glad to help

@roykiyoy Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

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Easy is an understatement. XD They will always provide max roll.