Ethernal Crimson Cover

Hi guys!

…just want to ask something??? ,…I’m just a little bit confused about this “eternal crimson cover” ???

…is this a bug or its just a mystake??? …I’m just thinking that making it a “battle mage” is absolutely wrong.

…any opinion guys!!

Its legit… I think its fine lol

Hm… maybe, but I think having a battle mage set on rouge items is not a good idea.

maybe , putting a specific set on a specific items for a specific Heroe class must be applied.

Its specifically for that hero the same as scoundrel where u can make a wizard have rogue skills

That’s maybe I think one bad thing they did to the Heroe class set skill. For me, …it’s a really , really bad Idea.

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Oh well we all have our own opinion about those stuff hahahaha :joy::joy::blush::blush:

see codex

Ya, maybe it’s good because it increase total armor & hp by 20% … It’s maybe more necessary if they make it more suitable for some Heroe class items.

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