Exp Gain bugged?

Recently i just updated DQ, hoping for the best in the latest patch, but it just bring few questions to answer

  1. Few rogue OH doesn’t show DPS or 0

  2. EXP Gain -70%
    This a bit annoying because it said Ascension II exp x3 but leveling taking last forever and no matter how many exp gain affixes in equipments the game still showing - (minus) exp

Having a follower significantly decreases EXP gain. Do you have one?

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Yeah i got one, but i try to leveling without her, but still the exp gain minus, i tried to leveling in legend map but exp still minus

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I had the same problem. XP was showing -93% or some weird number like that.

Hey! This is not a bug. The higher the level diffrerence between your main and your hireling, the lesser XP will the chracter with lower level get. :smile:


It seems the -X% sticks with you after you unhire your hireling. Is this working as intended?

It works fine for me. Can you clarify yourself please? :slight_smile:


I wanted to see what the progress would be with trying to “Power Level” using a Hireling. I noticed it was going painfully slow. I checked the Stats Tab and it said -93% Exp. So I went to the main menu, unhired the hireling, joined the map and it still was showing -93%. Finally disappeared after about 5 or 6 maps but stuck with me for a bit none the less.

Yeah, same here, the exp gain said to be x3 when leveling fromascension 2, but i only see exp gain 100%, legend map getting bugged too, said exp 1000% but leveling last forever

That’s weird. Thanks for the bug report. Going to take a look into it. Which level was the hireling? Has he already ascended?

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My Hireling has not Ascended at all. My Hireling’s level is 99.

I think you guys may be confused (or maybe I am) about the 2x, 3x, etc experience. My understanding was that each successive Ascension required additional exp to lvl 99. So 2x exp after ascending means you need twice the experience previously need to get to 99, not that you earn exp 2x as fast. Right?


Exactly. You need 2x that much XP to level up :smile:

Does that actually double the XP required or does it halve the XP you gain? They end up being the same as far as how much work you have to put in, but if it gives you a permanent -50% XP that could explain some of the strange numbers people are seeing.

Also, if it’s a nerf to XP gain, can that be overcome with gear and buffs?

Thanks for the explanation it help peps which have the same question. One more thing, how about challenge map? Magic map has random exp from 100-300%++, while rare, epic and legend above 500%, i don’t see any differencies between them, exp gained from mobs around 100k++, this value equals with adventure map from level 101++, so where is the differencies??

Hey! Actually the XP bonus on maps is only applied to the Cartographer (boss) and the chest reward. So, the XP gain stays the same. :smile:

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Thanks for the clarification. Explains a lot and also explains why I am thinking fo stopping at two haha.

Just ascended my lvl 99 Rogue on an Easy Floor 181 map, equipped her with a 40% Exp mythstone amulet, checked her Total Exp Gain on Adventure stats page: -24.2%

Then equipped her with a 40% Exp mythstone ring, now Total Exp Gain (same map): -2.5%

What? The +40% exp only increased the exp gain by 21.7%? What math is going on here?