Exp Gain mythstone or Enshrine?

Do you guys put exp gain stone on your gears or use the enshrined Ascension to get the exp gain?

Neither. Lazy. Try-hard = hard.

lol I use the shrine. Don’t want to lower my DPS

I use the mythstone.

For level up to 50, I have full exp gear level1 with adventure on mythic 3 even though it goes way over cap and when I reach level50, I just put back on my farming gear with just 1 quest mythstone so it’s still at cap when I am farming or dps for floors. Level 50 should be the quick journey and lvl99 is the challenge of anyone and it gets harder per acension level.

High floors and fast killing as well as fast complete of floors always helps. :slight_smile:

Basically I am only try hard until level 50 and afterwards, I just regularly farm for loots and climb floors from 400.

I use a double for my main gear which simply does the roll of my main toon while the ascended low level equips a set of gear to increase level up speed

This is a bit of a necro, but I noticed that EXP shrines only appear to give about 1% bonus exp. Is this just me?