Experiencing very strange behavior

Some basic info:

Samsung Galaxy S5
Android 5.0
DungeonQuest 1.8

  1. At first, I noticed that I seemed to be running significantly faster than normal. I checked my Move Speed stat and it’s only 7%. I doubt that’s noticeable; this seems like at least 20%-30% if not more.

  2. I’ve been farming Floor 101 EP7 for CS/MS and it seemed suddenly that CS and other items were dropping far less frequently. Strangely, MS and health/mana orbs seemed unaffected. At this point, I had not changed gear whatsoever. My IQ stats were ~210% on my main character (Wizard) and ~270% on my hireling (Rogue). With the 100% hireling bonus, my effective IQ% was ~340%.

  3. Then, during farming, I picked up this pet:

  1. I started putting all my CS/MS in Stash 4 after each farming run so I could get an accurate idea of how many I was picking up during the run. A few minutes ago I transferred everything from Kyanite down back to my main character’s Bag 1 so I could salvage them all to Calcite. This resulted in 153 Calcite. I converted 50 Calcite to Angelite, and the Angelite disappeared into thin air, leaving me with a stack of 103 Calcite.

Considering all these bugs have started occurring at basically the same time, I can only surmise they’re related. Possibly a buffer overflow somewhere…? Thanks for your time.