Explain Alchemy to me!

Quick question
What is alchemy in layman’s term?
Can you get Total mp using obsidian?

Yes you can get total mp with obsidian

Alchemy is a resource mythic. What it does isn’t that easy to explain things but in layman’s terms:

The resource system is converted to both HP and MP. That means both pools can be used for casting spells but also both can act like HP.

It reminds me of bloodmagic but with both MP and HP. However for best usage , make sure your MP and HP are equal. I figured that out quickly . Even more important for equal MP/HP if you used masochism/hunger in PvE build with primary skills.

The additional effects of alchemy : as you lose MP , the HP is also lost if it’s higher than MP visibly and vice versa. That effect is basically negated when you have Regen and MP Absorb , until you cannot take many more hits.

And as you gain HP , you also gain MP and vice versa when your lowest MP or HP recovers . That includes Regen, MP/hp on hit and MP Absorb to assist you. I don’t think there’s a limit so when you gain 2000 MP by Regen, you also gain 2000 HP by Regen. I am not sure though but I can think it’s like that. So good you wouldn’t need harmony mythic.

Also 50% of your lowest current HP and MP as DMG. That means when you have lost 50% MP and HP , you gain 50% DMG, 25% for mana and 25% for HP gone. But the DMG increase is always around in some form.

You could use Glasscannon or Barbarian with Alchemy Mythic but you still gotta make sure the MP and HP end up around equal for best effect, especially when equipping masochism/hunger .


Thank you so much for explaining
It’s so much easier to understand rather than people explaining using complex sayings and i’ve played this game for 3 years

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I know how you feel man. That’s exactly why I strive to be better. To be able to explain complicated stuff in simple manners and understand so much.

I took the time to learn from the best of players and I even helped some best players learn something new that I recently discover. I used to be a huge newbie but now I’m not surprisingly.

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Explain the mythic fury weapon to me lol. I made one and cannot see any actual benefit :fearful:

Use primary skill to gain Fury . Fury increases special skill DMG though but it’s good with primary skills since no matter how fast you cast, you’ll never run out of it.

Okay I will have to think on that. Cheers

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