Explosive Pellets: Rogue Farming Build

Just want to share the build I currently use for farming 500+ floors. Hope this will help some newbies on their way to higher floors.

The main focus of this build is to farm eternal/crystal items to be converted to crystals. Not a hard-hitting build but makes use of the Explosive affix.

One thing that I would say, the Arcanist set affix is too OP.

Set Affixes:

  1. Eternalized - increases chance of getting eternal items to be converted to ultra rare crystals.
  2. Arcanist - replaced my Defiant affix on Insolence. This gives you better damage output by stacking the arcane debuff on enemies. As I’ve stated above, this build is not hard hitting so you would be able to maintain the damage increase from the debuff stack. Explosive will do the killing for you.
  3. Adventurer - increases damage and movespeed when you pick up gold which you’ll be doing a lot since this is a farming build. Free damage and ms everyone?
  4. Crystalline - increases crystal drop chance and crystal rarity drop chance. Self explanatory.
  5. Nadroji - increases chance for rare legends to drop. Again, self explanatory.
  6. Ascendent - a must have when using Arcanist set.
  7. Pathfinder (pet) - as a rogue, you put points on Dexterity which increases dodge, plus we have a dodge crystal affix on our MH. Who doesn’t love free damage?

Crystal Affixes:

  1. Dodge - damage booster for Pathfinder. Also gives a little chance of surviving attacks in case you forget to click your Stealth.
  2. Luck/Gold Find - for a farming set, maxed luck and gf are must haves.
  3. Attack Speed - faster firing gives more explosions.
  4. Crit Damage - for damage?
  5. Reduced CD - needed for perma stealth.
  6. Item Drops/Mythic Item Quantity - more drops, must have like luck/gf.

Legend Affixes:

  1. Elemental Damage % - again, damage
  2. Explosive - this will be the killer of this build. Works wonder especially on pack size maps.
  3. Glasscannon - if you can get this to 100% would be better. But, 1hp? How would we survive higher floors? Answer, perma stealth.
  4. Multi Attack (2) - 5 bullets?
  5. +2 All sets (2) - need I explain?
  6. Ignore Resist - for best damage output and for element immune enemies.

Epic Affixes:

  1. Element Damage + - base for your elem dmg %
  2. Crit Chance - arcanist applies the debuff through crits. so …
  3. +20 Stealth - this will give you the perma stealth ability.

Resource System:

  1. Fury - your primary attack which is Ricochet increases your fury count instead of depleting it. Meaning, you’ll have unli mana resource to cast your stealth everytime. This also gives extra damage depending on the lost fury iirc. No need to get hp/mp on hit affixes.


  1. Pistoleer - increases chance of your bullets to bounce. we want that don’t we?
  2. Relentless - damage increase per enemies missing %hp. This helps especially on epic and above enemies. You can also get rebound if you wish.
  3. Propulsion - push them away from you. You were given the range for a reason.
  4. Ambush - free stray traps which also helps trigger free explosions.

Gear natures would be 4 Death (crit chance), 1 Luck and 1 Greed to achieve max luck/gf.

Heroic Skills/Stats:
• All points to Power
• 20 points to Dex/Fortune
• 20 points to Ricochet
• 20 points to Stealth + another 20 = 40

For the element, as stated by @f00kee, arcanist/ascendent set doesn’t require you to use the arcane element. I chose shock for the stack damage debuff.

For better results, make sure to get the Treasurer/Fortunate perk.

This build can always be improved depending on your taste. You can also incorporate the Push the Limit affix for better damage results. Unfortunately, my luck is going down the drain to get a Masochism amulet. If you’re also lucky enough to get 50% Item drops legend affix through Ruby, you can put another legend/epic affix of your choosing by removing 1 socketed mythic stone (item quantity).

Hope this helps. Any input, suggestions, recommendations, violent reactions are much welcome.


I think…arcanist+ascendent = momentum + rage
Set farm :rage:

Thanks for that. Only have limited resources as of this moment so can’t really see what set combination gives better damage output.

Wait… Are you saying that Arcanist and Ascendant are the same as Momentum and Rage?

Momentum + Adventurer