Failed to Match ID

I played for about 30 matches im already in Mythical League with 1k+ points. Everytime i win the match it says “failed to match id, will update points after next match”. When I went to main menu I got 3 pages of abandoned match and it shows im in common league. what just happened there? please help my character name is DylanIronman.

Can you check the version of your Dungeon Quest for me and let me know what it is? Thanks!

it says version

There might be an update you’re missing that helps with this issue. If you could try to update to the latest ( ) .

After that, you may need to complete a few matches to view your league / points properly.

Ok, I just finished farming and got some obsedian affixed to my gears. should I upload my game content first before updating the game? I know that would be better I just want to make sure ^^

It’s usually safer to upload your data first :smile:

thanks man. you’re awesome

Have you tried to check your internet connection? If it is weak you will receive abandoned match instead to gain chest… Me and my brother play dq and faced like to yours

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