Fallen legend gears codex not updated

Based on the patch note in ver 2.45 new fallen legendary gears added but there is no info in codex regarding where the gear drops


really hoping for the release of their patch notes. i really want to see the complete list of changes :smiley:

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Also the storm skil mechanics changes. It now cast at the top.of your character.

Skill stealth…nerf… :sob:

@4evertin dang dey decrease duration of stealth. Vanish mythic and deadly arts is much better now for perma stealth

lets wait for the new patch/update

Duration is the same.

@Clogon so they inc the cd of stealth but duration is the same

I prefer to look at the stealth changes as a buff since stealth didn’t actually count as dodge before :slight_smile:

Is cyclone fixed?

The devs forgot about it. I will remind them next time.

@Clogon do you know the class, Floor & Difficulty for the new fallen legend gear? Thank you 4 any insight :smile:

Nope. :frowning:

They just made.rogue mechanics more advance :weary:

75% cd :tired_face: + 50 dodge +40skill stealth @@ :sob:

There might have been a misunderstanding somewhere. No new items were added only new Set. The description should be updated soon.


Clogon is correct.

Patch notes on the various app stores should read:

New Demonic Set Affix set has been added to the game.

Ok I thought stealth was changed recently, how do you think OH mythic + deadly arts is better replacement? Was this the same patch that released angelics or is this a newer smaller patch that did the changes?

What?? Noo this could kill my current build :expressionless:

@Gummy @phaolo its a newer patch release of.demonic set affix. 55%(20%from talent deadeye and 25-30% from crystal affix)deadlystrike w/ deadlyarts and lvl40stealth should be enough