Farming at Floor 500 vs floor 200?

So I think I have a pretty good grasp on the game, I have a level 99 Warrior and a 99 Rogue I deleted my 89 Mage. I try and read the forums for all the information I need and I try not to post to forums unless I have something useful to add or say. As for this topic I can’t find any information on it so I am here to ask you guys and get the opinions of the experts and possibly a dev.


I am just curious if there is any change to loot quantity or quality based on the floor you are on? And if anyone has figured out the mechanics of it yet?

What I think I know,
1.) iLvl is impacted by floor when farming floors 190-200 I still get many items below iLvl100 which is why I chose to start farming higher floors hoping to get Eternals that are max iLvl and hopefully someday max stats. Does anyone have a breakdown that shows what floor+ can only grant iLvl 100 items and at what floor it is possible to get an Item with Perfect stats? Well, ok maybe not possible but much more likely since it is theoretically possible to get one almost anywhere.

2.)Clear time is obviously impacted greatly by floor, but to an extent at a certain level of gear this is almost not relevant for a certain level of gear and build, for example I can clear floor 200 in anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 minutes depending on variables, at the same time I can clear a floor 500 map in 3 to 4 minutes so while it does take me a little longer it is partly due to playing it a touch safer as at floor 500 My hireling gets one shot by anything. Is it worth the extra time per floor? Is there a greater chance for better loot on higher floors?

3.) Cost of Replacement maps to remove things like TNTprops that one shot my, Annoying high Skyfall Numbers, and the cost of rezzing if you die.

4.) Experience, with the upcoming ascendant patch do we have any information about how experience scales on floors to maximize Ascending? I know someone reported doing it in 5 Days but I am just curious if we have any sort of formula about Experience

A little more info
All of this is happening with max Luck Max Gold Find and Max Item drops on Both toons as well as Eternal(5) and Crystaline(5) on my Main toon (I play the Tank Computers plays DPS) On Mythic 3

I can clear floors in the 800’s with this build but it takes 5-7min Per floor and Legend and Mythic enemies can take a long long time to kill and some I just can’t kill.

My DPS ranking puts me around 8.5M but I am not sure which version of the build had me there.

Is there anyway we can get more statistics after we finish a map? Average DPS per Toon? Total DPS? Clear Time? Item Drop counts for the floor? I dunno I guess I am a data nerd which is part of what I think makes me love this game so much!

Last thing, Thanks Devs for a great game, thanks support for being prompt and helpful and generally amazing, thanks to all the people who post on forumns about builds build ideas math and general questions, and thanks RNG for my Eternal Sudashara could I maybe get an eternal pet someday?

Have fun guys Peace!

Ysys 99 Warrior
Ione 99 Rogue

1, floor 200+ gives you lvl100 items, that why other players farm at high floors, theres no specific floor on where that item with perfect rolled affix, its by chance, verry2 rare chance i think, not unless you craft, an item to perfect roll,

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None of the experts want to add? Just trying to make the most of my time until the Ascension patch.

Thanks agin

  1. floor below 500 give chance for item drop to be lvl100, mean even if u at floor 499, u can get item lvl 80+ eth. while when u play on floor 500 and above, all item drop will ALWAYS lvl100.

  2. not understand that.

  3. cost is up to u. its challenge map, some just accept the challenge / open the map, some will sale it and buy new map. basically there will be no cost if u accept all challenge on map (affix like TnT skyfall immune leech nerf eth)

  4. experient base on floor. for example at floor 200 epic monster give 50k exp, it can be that on floor 400 magic monster give 50k exp. (that just example tho, it not really give exacly that amount exp)

just hope u get ur answer tho coz im just normal/regular player and not a pro.

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Is two a question?

Not sure, but I don’t think any of the numbered items are actually questions. They’re prefaced with, “What I know,” which I think is just his way of offering info that he thinks are related to his overall question of whether floor number affects loot quantity or quality.

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Sorry I didn’t realize how confusing the post actually was until you mentioned it, hopefully it makes more sense now and the question is clearer.

Benzonia, yah that is what I was trying to do.

After Floor 500, I believe that the chance for an eternal legend to be Level 100 is 100%, but that is the only benefit. Most just farm floors 100-200. At those floors, you have the chance to get most items, and, at 191-200, rare legends such as Vacuus Scipio, Insolence, etc. drop more frequently due to a decreased range of drops.

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Awesome thanks! that is helpful information!

Glad to help. :smile:

You can get eternal legend items to drop after 500+?

You can get them too drop anywhere! :smile: