Farming Build Rogue

Can you all post your farming Build here ^^ i wanna see it. A newbie farming build. Because i cant even hunt a nadroji or vacuus -_-

i dont have newbie farming build. but for your problem, just use item with luck, gold find & item drop. the first nadroji will be hard to get, passion is needed here and just farm alot. u will get it soon or later.

equip gears with luck all gears if possible, then go with M3 floor 100-200, my 1st nadroji i found in floor 133.
theres no exactly a newbie farming build, its all about farming with patience, and RNG’s LUCK.

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I’m still a new player but it took me 3 characters, all to max level and all to around floor 300 m3, to find my first nadroji items… and it was the hat :frowning:.
You’ll get there!

I want to have rare legends but its so low chance

give DQ more time and climb to higher flour, you will find it, I never have a farm build, but i got lots of rare legend, the farm build is more important for the external pet.

go thru the topics in the forum a lot of people have the same issue nd there’s a lot of guide to help you with it. Key is patience, and the right items