Farming Build: The Floor Sweeper (overhauled in post no. 52)

@NUIQUE heh! how come my IMP never eats. :angry:

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if I remember, buying a Legend item from the shop is like using Dust to unlock a Legend item, it isn’t counted as a found item. but it has been a long time since I tested it out, so am not sure about buying from the shop considered being found.

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If you buy an item from shop and it becomes legend it counts as a legend found @Golem :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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But @Golem is right in that buying a legend item from the shop doesn’t count as a legend found. Only non legend items purchased which become legends through luck count

Hello everyone, so i followed the build but have gone for nadroji.

Im posted my version here because im hoping to get suggestions and i also have a few questions i wanna ask if i may.

First, what can i replace bloodmagic with ? And whats with BM, i originally have 100k+ mana and 6k hp, but when i equip BM it only becomes 60k+ hp, BM said that all mp, mp regen and mp on hit becomes hp, but the thing is with cosmic power i shud have decent hp regen, but i didnt, even if i put 2 epic hp 500 hp regen, whats with BM really? I just used it bcos i followed dis guide.

2nd, whats also up with my luck? If u compute my over all luck that shud be 225+225+150(nature)+50(fortune)+75(pet)+200(fortunate) = 925 luck, but why is it in the stat page it is 1012 which is the max? Im on very easy so it shudnt have any bonus, is it a bug? I use a rogue hireling which has 1025 luck, even if u average them that shudnt still be the case. I also dont have bonus from shrine.

And last , with skullshield as primary damage source, what chest talent to use , focus or necrotic ? Theyre both 50%.

Hope ill be enlighted soon :slight_smile:


I am sincerely sorry that you have misunderstood some concepts.

Nadroji is good especially if you can get the two bonuses from chest and head gears. However, I prefer to get plagued and battlemage instead for tankiness, good damage, and charge.

My slow internet does not allow me to view your pictures but I will answer your questions as much as I can.

  1. Insted of bloodmagic you can use equivalence for the damage reduction equivalent to 60% of your hp and mp equivalence. The latter mythic is better the higher your hp/mp equivalence is. The bloodmagic shines where you meet “thorns” equipped monsters where the abrupt drop in your hp will give you higher damage.

On your hp question, there are certain mp multipliers and mp regen affixes that won’t be carried over to your hp if you switch to bloodmagic(this I need help too, someone knowledgeable pls come).

For the first version of the craft, I used bloodmagic because it allows the skullshields to survive monster attacks on floor 501-550(where crystals and mythstones are delicious)

  1. Isn’t that overly good? Just kidding I’m mentally tired today so I can’t make much intelligent answers.
    @Golem knows better on the averaging of luck, so let’s thank Golem in advance because he will educate us both.(Thanks in advance for being so friendly @Golem!)

  2. Focus gives 50% on all weapons vs. Necrotic just gives 50% on skulldraga and skullshield. However, Necrotic Chest gear looks much better :rofl:

I hope you check my updated version above
Build Reveal: The Floor Sweeper (V3.1) UPDATE.
But just for correction, I use the craft past floor 600.

Don’t get it wrong. I am not 100% knowledgeable on some of the affixes I slap on my gears. However, I am using the build myself, and I don’t think I will be replacing it anytime soon.

On a side note:
The sureshot is very amazing as farming mythic especially with plagued set affix.

The plagued set affix is a good synergy here since it gives you both hp(survival) and the needed damage to deal with monsters swiftly.

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Hello there creator of this wonderfulbuild :wink:
Im regretting that i havent had the opportunity to come across this earlier, i might have saved myself on making farm build for m3 500, this is much faster and yield much more bcos of 1 hit mob-better rewards mechanix.

I used nadroji for the sole purpose of doing the feats kill monster by rarity fast and at the same time speed farming. I like doing more thing at once :slight_smile:

Hmmm so using BM is not a bad idea? I just need to make my hp up ryt? if so then i will use it then, i just want to confirm just in case, cos i dont want wasting resources for an affix that might have been a wreck.

I created a build of my own based on ur creation, instead of knights charge or battle mage, i am using teleport for mobility , reclaim for skullshield and storm as my special attacks for dealing with breakables, using storm and teleport makes it more wizard like hehe.

Anyways ur using equivalence ryt now and it shines as uve said , the more ur hp and mp are equivalent, ur gears have only hp affix, so im wondering wer uve got ur mana to compliment with the hp? Is it in ur stat distribution or in heroic skills? And i see u didnt invest in hp regen or hp on hit? Does this build dont need them? Since its very easy difficulty? Sorry i still dont know since im still climbing to floor 500, im at floor 350+ atm.

My dilemma ryt now is about the BM and equi, i have a decent epiphany head with BM, and i dont wanna invest in it anymore if there is a much better options than BM.

Thanks for the reply btw :smile:


Blood Magic: MP converted to HP. any MP Regen or MP on Hit is considered HP equivalents. picking up MP Orbs doesn’t heal HP. Spell Costs are doubled. 200% of your missing HP% extra DMG (not +200% as far as I can tell). Blood Magic could do well with Masochism, if you do the Build right.

the thing that makes Blood Magic so good is the extra DMG you do when your HP goes down. so you need to balance your Healing with lowering your HP for more DMG. reduce resource of some kind can help. the downside is if you do the Build wrong, you can get in trouble or dead because of casting spells.

Equivalence: balances your HP/MP (makes them equal) and gives you 65% DMG Reduction & Resource Cost based on your Current HP/MP balance percentage. this isn’t usually a problem unless you have a lot of Push the Limit or encounter an enemy with Thorns.

the way this works is if you cast a spell costing 1000 MP, your HP & MP is lowered 500 each. 1000 HP Regen would look like you are getting 500 HP & MP Regen. the down side is if you only have one kind of Heal, like if you have 2000 MP Regen & 500 MP on Hit, it is possible to replace your MP faster than the HP can keep up, lowering your Current HP/MP %. this is what happens with Thorns, your HP lowers faster than your MP can keep up. I had MP Healing at the time, but the DMG from Thorns was lowering my HP faster than my MP heal could keep up with, talk about a heart attack!. it can take some tweaking to make Equivalence work well and not be a problem.

Equality Set would work great with Equivalence, because Equality works on the Total HP/MP% on the Stat Page, and Equivalence makes your Total HP/MP% equal no matter what you did with HP & MP in other areas of your Build.


Thanks for the appreciation.

Your version looks great. :wink:

However, there is one problem with Reclaim talent that I have forgotten to report:

If you are not using skull OH, the skulls you generated with reclaim talent will not trigger poison cloud(or any elemental critical hit for that matter).

I am going to share a legit trick below on how to get skull with 225% crystal gold affix without actually spending obsidian.

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Once again, thanks a lot for the detailed breakdown of insights @Golem!

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How to Get Obsidian Crystal Affix on Skull without spending Obsidian

Caution: This is no guarantee. You will need good amounts of dust. You might get the crystal legend sooner or later than expected.

  1. Get your luck as high as possible(1012% with epiphany, but 800%+ without it is still good)

  2. Wear your crystalline set sword preferably with 4 set numbers.

  3. Go to your highest floor reached and start crafting this in the codex

Craft it in batches of five.

For every five cranucopias you crafted, go check them in your inventory. What you want to see is this blue skull:

Once you have it, you can salvage the red skulls for 5 dusts(coincidentally, half its value).

Now that you have the blue skull, use kyanite to remove unwanted affixes. Use emerald to get 25% quality. Use peridot to get the item to lvl100. Roll the numbers with diamond crystal.

Ideally, you should keep the gold find, pickup radius, and fortune.
You can keep the satyr bonus as well if you follow the equivalence approach for more mp.

Note: The same technique is applicable for getting crystal affix for any item that has any epic or legend affix of that affix you want.

Example: lederer’ lance has block, dodge, armor, etc. You can get those affixes as crystal affixes with the technique


@Golem wow thanks for that, i understand them now. I think ill just stick to BM for now. As much as I love adding ur suggested masochist for BM or defiant and equality for equivalence, but i dont have slots for them, i alreasy have crystalline, plague, epiphany, eternalized and 2 nadroji, and i dont think i can replace any of em.

Now that u mention it, about using reclaim, ur ryt, i didnt notice it, but i found a solution for that by equipping skull oh cast skullshield then changing to orb again. A bit of a work, but thats d only way *sigh.

Wow ill try that free xtal affix. Thats really helpful, u shud make that a thread.

Thanks for all ur help @Golem and @NUIQUE

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I’m glad we can help :+1:

The sets I use from above remain to be as they are up to this moment. The lack of nadroji sets is compensated by monster kill speed with plagued set.

BTW, In case you do not know:
Faster kill rate = Better Loot Drop Quality :wink:

I don’t intend to modify the gears anymore.

The only thing that my build was unable to address is its survivability to codex hunt at floor 1000+ mythic3. I just did not design it to do that task.

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I stopped climbing at mythic 3 1500 and took a chill pill and chose to farm at floors 400 plus at easier levels for pretty pets.


@NUIQUE i followed ur guide , i got 1 in my 1st batch of 5’s :slight_smile:

Really helped me saved obsidian



I have used Dust to get Legend Items with Crystal Affixes to save Obsidians, or when I just didn’t have any, and it’s great! now I use this method mostly when I need items for testing, but there are still times when I need a Crystal Item and run out of Obsidians.


What is your technigue @Golem to found a legend with crystal affixes using dust?

have your high Luck Farm Build for sure when you are using Dust to buy those Legends. this will improve the chances of the Legend item having one of the Epic Affixes become Crystal instead, if the Epic Affix is on the Crystal Affix list.

then I just buy 5 Legends at a time. hopefully, one of them will be Crystal, or I am going to have to do a second or third round of buying 5 Legend items.

The concept remains to be the same: Speed clean 500+ floors with skull shield. However, I wanted to address some inefficiencies of the previous one.


You can replace 40% item quantity mythstone in the cornucopia skull with legend item quantity affix. (I want to save rubies)

You can replace the pet with an imp(preferably Simba) so you can double the conversion rate of your loots to legend items if you have hireling that also uses imp. If you do this, remove the battle mage set affix on the amulet and replace it with faun’s gift set affix. Use knightscharge MH Special Skill for mobility in the absence of charge skill.

Campaign Hero Points Investment:

*Give +20 points to skull shield
*Give +20 points to fortune