Farming @ Floor 500++

Is it wise to farm at floor over 500? My main has 650% gold find, 200% item drops, 650% luck and my hireling DPS has 50% item drops, 400% gold find, 400% Luck. I was hoping for rarer item drops & cs/ms drops as well.

Yeah, I’m farming at 500+
I am not lucky with floor 200+ then I try floor 500+ and I find a lot of rare legend.
I have max luck, max items drop and 300% gold
My dmg is about 30-50 million so I could clear the map very fast

Ok thanks. Nice. The only annoying things are the TNT proc and Skyfall. :expressionless:

Just buy a new map if you got TNT proc ^^

yep that’s what Im doing right now.