Farming pets

Omg im farming lvl 1 hour at floor 21 EP6 for legend pet and nothing show up i did something wrong?

RoyalFairy , Rogue Level XX

Nope, sometimes you have to be patient :smiley:

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Oh crap…

RoyalFairy , Rogue Level XX

psssh i was on floor 250 with over 1500%+ luck and got no legend pet…thats a rough drop…

Luck is capped at 650% :unamused:

Yeah…but not including map effects right? My base luck is only at like 150%…then add my episodes…then add map…right?

Killing 200 enslavers will get you a legendary pet but it took me a solid month of farming to get it.

Did you really need to respond to a post that’s over a year old?

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That “1 year later” lol

Did u really need to try and humiliate me about it?

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@Seanv: I am a newish player that couldn’t figure out how to get a legendary pet, so I appreciate you adding detail to this post, despite the age. Thanks!

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