Farming questions

I know there’s a lot of Q&A already on this topic but I have a few specific questions.

  1. Do you need Nadroji set on both main and hireling or is the bonus for one character enough?

  2. Does the Nadroji bonus kick in if you have + sets affix or do you need two physical Nadroji gears?

  3. Why does the exp decrease as you gain levels (reported in the exp progress bar)? It’s a very small decrease and I haven’t had any exp related affixes on my gear. Also the exp stat on maps do not affect the exp gain in the progress bar… is the actual exp gain not shown?

  4. Is there a heroic skill cap at 99? Can epiphany increase that cap?

  5. On floors above 1000 how do you deal with TNT and Skyfall? Do you just avoid those affixes?

  6. Does an Imp pet have your pick up radius?

  7. Does sanctuary give you any visual indication when it’s on cool down? I want to make an amulet with it but was curious how you know when it triggers and when is recovering if you are being mobbed.

  8. For skills that depend on a number of mobs mind being afflicted, does afflicting the same mob over and over count as more afflicted mobs?

Thanks guys.

  1. Only main is enough
  2. You need 2 items with nadroji set equipped
  3. 99 is max, no way to increase it further
  4. Dont know sorry
  5. There are ways to survive like permastealth, but i avoid skyfall because its annoying to dodge it on my non permastealth char, easiest way to deal with tntprops are ranged skills
  6. Dont think so
  7. Dont have tried sanctuary yet sorry
  8. F.e. with poison for plagued the damage increases for each enemy that is currently poisoned that is still alive -> you need multiple enemys to increase damage

Thanks so much!

4.) yes u can get up to 99 heroic points and skills are caped at 40 points
7.) it says sanctuary in green over your char for 1-3 sec / u cant see when its ready again

  1. Herioc Skills are capped to level 40… (20 for Heroic Points and other 20 for item affixes ex. +5 Strength etc…)
  2. use Larimar on scrolls you dont have to worry Tnt Drops and Skyfall
  3. Pets have their own Radius on picking up items.
  4. Sanctuary have 30 secs cooldown before re activate just count for your self :slight_smile: