Farming Set for Flintlock Rogue Looking for Suggestions / Improvements

So I just made a Rouge farming Set I was Initially using a Whirlwind Warrior + A bow Rouge. And I would like to improve on my farming time.
I like the bow rouge though the auto seek projectile is very nice and the piercing of the rouge bow is awesome. I can’t get eternalized, mythical, crystalline on it that’s why I was using a Flintlock

I have a Lilith for pet (Vampiric Touch for Bleeding of Razor)

Making a farm set gives me limited affixes though >.>

Improvements that I was thinking of was glasscanon, explosive, Sanctuary.
But what affix should I remove? What can make this build better?

I can make a sanctuary amulet but survivability at the moment of this set is not a problem on 350+

Thinking of changing my Skilled leather to have pickup radius so I can put 50% weapon damage to my weapon.

Using Twister for my Special MH and Stealth for my OH

I wasted some amethyst though as I thought momentum had a higher modifier than adventure. The movespeed bonus is very nice for farming.

Plagued is for AOE Effect
Blood Magic is for HP management, needing 1 HP per hit affix to keep me alive, and that I won’t need to worry about mp. I tried energy mythic but the attack speed of my flintlock was really high. I was thinking of fury to replace Blood magic and put in like momentum for set affix. Is fury nice? I haven’t tried it.

I don’t have ignore affix but my hireling does have it.

What talents do you suggest in making it better?
Rebound or Stagger? I think Stagger helps me better with it’s stun than the rebound added damage

And What is the best Combo of main and hireling for you?
I have the 3 chars and 1 extra slot rouge.
Main and Hireling and what weapons are you using?

I’ll use twister with discordance. Or knightscharge. Or whirlwind. Or multishot. Or anything else which provides good traversal/area.

I haven’t tried discordance yet but I did see it on battle arena and it seems cool. I’ll tinker on it. Thanks for the advice ocenyx ^^