Where is the best map to farming ?
Is the map lvl250+ good for farming ?
Thank for advice.

what is your class, build, stats??

Depends on your objective :smile:

I want to get blue item or ethenal item.
I play warrior lvl 99. And i can beat the boss of map lvl250+ under 10 secs.
Where should i go to farming for good items.

Max your luck, craft a Hunter ring and farm epic enemies :smile:

Thanks for advice.
Map lvl300+ is drop better item than map under 200… Is that true ?

Yes, just a bit higher. There are some legends have specific drop condition, you can check that in the Codex.

Woww… Thanks a lot.
And the last question is"where can i found the Nadroji"

Ring & pendant drop on floor 100+. I’m not sure about the helm and armor, but I think they drop on floor 350+ like those Crystalline stuff