I have had to restart again because of phone issues and i have decided to play warrior for the wraith effect. I am level 35 just wondering if their are any easy way to farm for legendary/eternal near the start without being such a high level. So are their any ez at the start farming methods??

the easiest way to farm in the early game is put Hero Points in Fortune. next easiest is putting Luck affixes on your items (also Gold Find for more Gold) until you get to the cap of +650%. finding Legend items with Fortune +10 will get your Fortune Skill to 40, which is +100% Luck, Gold Find, and Item Drop Rate.

from Floor 21+, you could buy Challenge Maps from the shop. price in gold is determined by the Floor you are on. Challenge Maps give a little more loot than Normal Maps of the same Floor level. but they are also a little harder.

lower difficulty means you can clear floors faster, but with a lower chance of good loot. higher difficulty is the opposite. when you choose difficulty, take a look at the benefits you get, but don’t forget, monsters get boosted with higher difficulty.


Play on epic difficulty in F50-F69.Try to make a build with luck,gold find and enough damage(x3 more than u need for epic diff).When completed your build change diff to mythic3.U gonna can kill monsters easily till F150 maybe more.Test the loot difference in F100-130 between F-130-150(I tried it in diff accs,devices with diff chars and gold,item drop it’s not fixed;changed strangely:Game make a path for u and if u follow it keep give same or more).So just choose a few of them randomly.Keep farming in better one till can buy ur first perk.U gonna drop your first eternal in this time and legends gonna drop easier now.Don’t haste when u dropped it;stay there till be ready for ascending(u also can leave there on 85-90s) and make your own one hit build to F200.I prefered wiz cuz cheapest and easiest to play.Climb there and stay till drop ur first nadroji item later try a bit more to drop another if u can’t or drop same item and start climbing.Everything gonna start after F250.Get the snowball effect and reach the perfect snowslide like us.

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Start easy. Climb to the highest floor you can. Then raise the difficulty but reduce your floor level by 50 and climb again till you can go no further then raise the difficulty and drop 50 floors. And so on… You will find better items to improve survival and luck


ok thanks guys i have been doing maps from floor 21 im on floor 70 right now. I have a cyan axe that was level one till i increased its level to 48 it went from 457dps to 11K dps and i got an eternal ring at level 33 now im basically one hitting on epic im working on getting alot of luck but for that i need more cyrstals my luck on epic difficulty is 285% and my gold find is 310% I learned away to get ez legenday at lvl one just play the first 4 levels at lvl one without killing anything on mythic 3 and buy legendarys from shop its how i got Hunger (Floor 150+) at lvl 1 floor 4. but other then those any good ways to get legendary pets (I know luck) But what are ways to find enslavers faster?


about the legendary’s at level one don’t kill enemy’s because you will level up and the shop will cost more just break obstacles and avoid enemy’s

if you want to focus on Enslavers, just go to the places where they spawn, and ignore everything else. kill them if they are there, and if not, buy another map from the shop and try again. they spawn randomly, but are guaranteed if you use a buy 1 Hour Monster Boost or win a 5 Minute Monster Boost from the Orb Feat.

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is their a way to get better maps faster ( for example) magic/rare/epic monster spawns and hoard? because those would be really helpful for farming but it seems the only good maps i get are from the 25 maps gives 1 legendary map. is their a way to get more better maps then usual because i dont think crystals effect them

@Golem is spot on. Enslavers tend to hang around Cartographers. Sometimes they dont but completing every inch of a map is so consuming its quicker to open a map. When l farm i go straight for the enslaver. If your map is legend or eternal then finish it


map rarity seems random for getting Normal, Magic, Rare, and Epic Tier. but it seems to me that with higher Luck you get fewer Normal maps, and Epic maps more often. but most of the maps I get are the Magic and Rare ones.

the Legend Maps are only gotten from finishing the Cartographer and Pick up Maps Feats. you can speed this up by getting the Accomplished Perk. it lowers the requirements to finish a Perk by 25%. so if you needed to kill 100 Cartographers to get a Legend Map, with Accomplished, you only need to kill 75 to get the Legend Map. (these numbers are examples, as I didn’t look to see what the correct numbers are)


yea i have noticed that aswell as my luck is 400+% i seem to get rare and epic more often and im glad that i got a eternal at level 36 bc of its storm proc the dmg of my storm is 300k as warrior atm with 2 plagued items (hammer and eternal ring) i have been trying to get luck and luck% on my weapons i tested arena a few minutes ago and was wondering if luck effects your chests in arena bc i got 7 epic 1 rare and 1 legendary??? if so luck runs in arena might be good to get eternal bc 10 epic is 1 legend and 10 legend is 1 eternal or should i only go for legendary and not try to get eternal??

@Kkiree not sure if Luck affects what kind of Chests you get from Arena wins. seems random. but a win streak might mean better chance for better Chests the longer your winning streak is. I have noticed that I get better Chests when I get a good winning streak going. also, I think if you watch an ad right before an Arena Battle, it increases chance for better Chests.

as far as Eternal vs. Legend items, sure, Eternal items are more powerful than Legend (most affixes can get up to 2x values and Item Quality is +50%) but you can’t use about half of the Crystals on them. that is how people can tell if someone is cheating in PVP. Legend item affixes are normal values and max +25% Item Quality, but you can use any Crystal on them.

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thanks ill keep that in mind still looking fo a good pvp build for a warrior without the use of high level crystals bc the highest crystal i have is beryl abd my best mythstone is quest

my PVP Wizard is all Epic affixes and in Division 1 of Mythic League. with so many Immortal Builds and Anti-Immortal Builds in Eternal League, I haven’t gotten back up to Eternal League yet. so you could make a cheap PVP build like that, and use it while you improve your Farm Build to get the better Crystals and Myth Stones, and of course, lots of Gold!

I actually get more wins than losses, barely, but my A.I. defense is awful, so eventually I am going to change some affixes to hopefully get back into Eternal League, even if it is only for a moment.