Faster Imp Conversion Plz

Please make the Imp convert items faster.
I have my loot settings on Legendary, so my Imp will pick up everything else.
But at large battles, bosses, or treasure chests, I have to wait for the little Imp conversion animation to complete, just so he then picks up the very loot he converted.
At times I’ve counted over 2.25 mins of just me waiting for the Imp to collect and convert.

Please make an option to cut Imp animation, and maybe, depending on loot settings, not even drop out lesser loot then the setting is set to, just keep the tally in the code under the hood, no need for the animation.

Also how do I equip 2 pets?
The UI shows to slots, but I try to add a Hound (so that Imp+Hound = all loot) but it just replaces the Imp.

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The second slot is for a trophy. You can get a trophy from playing in the Battle Arena. You are rewarded treasure chests for winning in the arena, and sometimes those give trophies.

I completely agree, not only the conversion animation needs a speed up, the imp’s path finding/pick up algorithm needs some improvement as well, i often find myself having to stop for a second or two for my imp/hound to pick things up, I mean I might as well just pick them up myself… it gets pretty annoying.

Maybe imp and hound don’t need to follow the player around, because their job is just to pick things up and make looting more efficient, so why not just let them go around the map freely, or give them a bigger loot detect range.

I can certainly agree with that. I put settings to legend and it is god grueling painful. I reaaaaaaly wish imps were so much faster. They have chance of giving rare crystals with a small chance of occasional obsdiain or other ultra rare crystals. Thats basically why I use imps in the first place. Imps will become bascially useless next patch though because of dealer perk from prestige system as its called. I do speed the process up by making hirling have imp but even then, its verrrrry sloooooooooooooww. I take every chance to get rare crystals, eternals and crystal legends and imp also has that chance along with vendor, destructibles and enemies. Imps are good if your build is slow anyway but I have fast build and its boring to watch imp get all the items. IMPS NEED PICKUP RADIUS OF A MILLION! Also they need to have no animation, just a bar saying these are the items found and a convert button. After you press convert, the imp splurts out the item in one area where you stand.

about imp looting animation already discussed on old forum, i guess u can try search it, but as i remember dev already explain that there are some they can do and cant do (at that time) they cant do something like making animation faster… when 2.1 released once player have dealer perks ppl will obviously pick all item to sell, why need imp to loot lol. imp in 2.1 = jobless

I think with the current version of Imp you will get legendaries faster if you don’t wait for him. Better to just kill more instead.

Still I use imp to get items because of small chance of crystal and eternal legends. Also worth every little crhstal that comes out of it. It might have chance to bet high rarity crystals but I don’t know yet. Since dealer will ruin the imp, the imp must collect legends and crystals or random loot from the ground like hounds get hidden gold. Hound will become less useful but still useful even then. Imp really needs tp dig legends out of the ground and it only makes sense just like real life. Legends are legends for a reason man. Also they have chance for rare legend as a good feature since legends and rare legends in real life coild be underground so it should be like that in dq. Rare legends in real life os king arthurs body and legends means ruins, old castles, historical remains, old weapons, etc. This may sound op but it has low chance of getting legend let alone rare legend but good chance lf getting random other items for dealer perk. I think its all around good and also the pick up loot thing should be removed because it would be useless in 2.1 anyways. Also in the process of diggong up hidden loots, gold can sometimes come out of ground and crystals but not much. It will have chance of higher rarity crystals as well. I hope they won’t be underused by then. Hound will still be useful because you can get bonus gold and getting gold for you and fairy will just be fairy as always but instead of just healing you, it should possibly add a regen boost or small immortality for a few seconds or something convenient that hounds have or imps will have such as mana heal like mana potion or just something you can come up with.

What do you think of my suggestion @steigerbox , @cronos4321 , @Teacup , @Emman , @EVERYONE!

I agree. I was using Rage (legendary imp) to try him out while I leveled him to 100, and originally reasoned that getting 1 additional item after he collects 6 is like a bonus 16.67% Item Drops that went beyond the 200% Item Drop cap. More items is better, right?

Well, after a few hours of using him I started to realize that my floors were going SO much slower. Yes, I was getting extra gold and extra crystals and extra legends from him occasionally, but it was coming at the expense of so much time waiting! If I killed an epic horde that triggered any kind of feat reward (Mega Loot, omg) I’d be sitting there for about 3 minutes waiting for Rage to clean everything up. I eventually decided that the extra 16% just wasn’t worth it, since it was clearly taking more than 16% more of my time to get that benefit.

Incidentally, since my fortune warrior has a pickup radius of +15, a hound isn’t all that helpful either, since I grab all the gold before he can even find a path to it. A fairy is all that’s left to use!

All pets need a huge revamp in 2.1 especially the IMP!

We’ll be doing some improvements to Imp for 2.1. It is quite annoying waiting for him to do his magic :slight_smile: