Fear Immunity

So “Fear Immune” cannot be added via Ruby. I’m looking to add that affix into my build set, ideally on a head or jewelry piece.

I’ve been looking through the Codex and can’t even find gear with Fear Immune on it. Does anyone know of any items that come with it?

I havent seen one. Either it belongs to exteremly ultimate rarest legend or they added this “concept” for furture updates ^^

It’s not possible to obtain Fear Immune via Ruby in patch 2.0

Patch 2.1 will allow you to get the following affixes via Ruby:

  • Fear Immune
  • Stun Immune
  • Taunt Immune
  • Blind Immune
  • Frozen Immune

Now it’s gonna be hard to choose which one to put on your gear ^^

Wow, awesome. Thanks for the response, Vil! I may need to go back to the drawing board and move some gear slots around now… :wink:

Put all of them on and enjoy running around freely lol

Now that i thought of it. why dont we have boots here? i mean all games have boot item, right? lol
prolly a long shot and i dont want to disappoint myself

that what i plan to do on 2.1.

but for sure using ruby to get what player want will be harder lol alot choices/options affix will pop-up.

just in case you missed it. you might want to consider as well that eternal items can be jaspered in next patch

@f00kee excited to jasper my eternal fate’s travesty into a BOWWWWWWWWW!!!

i have 3 eternal fate lol. 2 reserved for both my rogue on 2v2. muehehehee

im excited for my wiz getting Eternal frozen fate ^^

haha everyone excited to fo that lol.

dammit…i convert my level 87 Eternal Fate’s Travesty and leave the level 98… ~_~ I forgot I got 2 rogues.