Feats progress is gone?

On my codex I already finished 19 out of 23 for the feats, after a few hour it became 12/23. And now 0/23, I really dont know if this is important, I was just excited to see what will happen if I were able to complete it.

Please help me regarding this. If there is anyway to fix this please post it here.

Thank you in advance

Thanks for your bug report. Have you already ascended? If yes, in which Ascension are you?
Are you sure, that you haven’t finished them?
Otherwise please contact the support. I am sure, they will help you: support@shinyboxgames.com

I havent ascended yet, im new here.
And aside from that I noticed that even some of my pets when I equipped them they were downgraded like frome being epic back to rare and the umbers on their affixes went down.

Thank you very much, Ill message their support team.

the pet thing is probably not a bug. it happens when you get a pet with different rarities of the same affix. say he spawned with a rare crit chance affix and an epic crit chance affix. the system will remove the duplicate and the pet will get downgraded.

The feat bug has been around since pre-2.0. I experienced it as well.

Oh I see, then hopefully it will be fixed soon. Anyway the game is still great and exciting despite these bugs.