Feature-by-Design Guide

This will increase as I think of more stuff, but this is a guide for things that seem like they may be bugs but really aren’t.

  1. Floors 1-20 do not have pets, maps, or floor bosses.
    Floors 1-20 lack all epic enemies except the shrine guardians to allow new players to get an idea of the controls. Pets, Maps, and Mythostones start dropping at floor 21.

  2. Blue orbs won’t heal me with Blood Magic.
    First of all, blood magic is overpowered as is. Having blue (mana) orbs heal you when using blood magic would be even more op.

  3. The download button won’t work
    This was to prevent people abusing the upload/download system prior to the CS/MS update. Its still in place because of CS being random. If you encounter bugs that make you lose data, please report them and contact support@shinyboxgames.com