Feature Preview - Crystals

[quote=“Diieter”][quote=“dancemusiconly”]Awesome update:)

But will the Crystals be sitting in our bags?

If yes, omfg… please do something with inventory space%(

Can we at least get additional stash pages for every additional hero?[/quote]

  1. Yes it takes 40 slots to get every CS/MS (but you can stack them to infinite)

  2. Come on! You already have : (20 slots * 4 bags * 6 characters) + ( 4 stashs * 20 slots) = 560 slots! Don’t tell me that you can’t free 40 slots on 560 !! :unamused:[/quote]

The current game only allows 3 characters. Character slots 4 - 6 is broken http://forums.dungeon-quest.com/t/fantastic-review-from-kotakus-mike-fahey/43/1. So that’s 320 bag space slots. I was hoping for the 3 new character slots to use as “mules” for the current version, don’t know how I could manage storing Crystals also.