Feedback on warrior and other stuff

First, I want to say thanks for this great game. Even in the beta stage, it’s really top-notch! I love the artwork as much as I enjoy playing the game itself.

This game is so good I’ve already donated twice!

A few things I would like to mention:

  1. I assume this is just a minor bug.

I started a warrior character right after this latest patch came out. On the beginning screen, where you have to press the “Play!” button, it shows my warrior character’s name, level, and class, thus:


But when I am playing the character and go to the STATS page, it shows this:


  1. In regard to character names, I would like to suggest changing the process for how you can name your character. The current method of first having to press the “LEADERBOARD” button and then having the dialogue box pop up to name your character is fairly counter-intuitive, and it took a bit of trial and error to figure that out. It would make more sense to me to be able to name your character by making the beginning character names “VENEFICUS” and “OAKEN” active buttons (at least when first creating a character), the same as the “FLOOR” and “ENEMY POWER” buttons below it. So that, when you pressed the name button, it would automatically ask you to rename your character.

  2. Some different skins later on would be nice, as well as some ability to customize some non-essential character aspects, such as hair color and length, or skin color, or being able to choose some different helmet styles for the warrior (like a crested helmet or a horned helmet). Just a thought.

Hey thanks for the feedback!

  1. Oops… that will be fixed soon. Thanks for reporting that! :smile:

  2. I agree the Leaderboard naming isn’t ideal yet, and that should be address by the next patch or so. The plan is to make your character name not have to pass a uniqueness test, and be more of a part of the character creation process.

  3. Totally agree. Next patch should have new slot items at least ( Chest / Head pieces ), and over time, will be adding vanity stuff, so that should at least help give the feeling of customization. After that, tweaking character aspects might be a thing, but we’ll have to see on that.

Thanks again and hope you’re enjoying Warrior!