Feedback! :)

Hello guys, just make my rouge in defense position. Wnder if he’s doin well. If you 3-0 him easily can u post hehere. Tnx in advance!

I just want some of that 116m gold :flushed: I can barely keep 4m

I guess u dun have a farm set :joy: u can do 1-2m per run if u have.

Scary, instant death when he blinkstrike into my face if I don’t have sanctuary. He almost ended my 200+ streak once.

Deeeeeymmmm. Not good enuf :frowning: tnx bro!

200+ streak??? That was superb!

Mind showing me your farming build??

I guess later but im sure it’s pretty basic.
2x nadroji
Eternalized (Helm)
Crystalline (weapon)
Pet - Plagued (optional)

Crsytal affixes:
Gold find
Attack speed
2x Crit damage
Crit chance

Make ur nature 6deaths. Thats all whew!

Up! :grin: