Feels good to beat cheaters

pretty sure this guy had edited eternals (already reported). i was wondering how people had massive hp and crazy attack power…apparently they cheat. there are legit builds out there but I’m fairly certain this guy isn’t one of them. but man it feels good to be able to still beat these cheaters.


if there is one good thing about Cheaters & Hackers, it’s that it causes Legit Players to work hard to beat them, which only makes Legit Players stronger.


I like killing cheaters. I don’t enjoy killing good players.


if they are between me and first place in Eternal Division, they need to go down. it just feels better when climbing over a cheater, mostly because I didn’t have to cheat to grind them into a loss. actually, since I don’t really know if I beat a cheater or legit players, it just feels good climbing up instead of sliding down.