Few bugs tested

I tested special item effects yesterday and it seems that it’s not working the way it should be, i just don’t know if it is a bug or that’s the way it should be,

One of them is the Redirect Mythic, i asked about this mythic before and someone says it is working, it’s just that it gives a little damage but when i tested it, it really is not working. According to the description, reflect damage is now applied to dodge and block attacks, but it doesnt, some attacks are dodged, yes, and some attacks are blocked but with redirect mythic on, it should still reflect damage but it does no damage at all.

Another one i tested is Mirrored Mythic which the reflect damage will increase by the block chance, i really don’t consider it as a bug cause it’s working, the reflect damage did increase by the block chance although the increase is not showing on the stats page, i included this for the benefit of the others :smile:

By the way, just for clarification, the %boost in hp when using bloodmagic will boost your base hp, not the hp that you currently have with the mana transferred, for example you have 2k mana and 1k hp, it will give you 3k hp when in blood magic and if you add 10% total hp, it will boost the 1k hp you basically have and not the 3k hp, hope you got it :smile: and i know most of you guys already know this

And still for the benefit of the others, (don’t know if you guys already know this or not) the reflect damage affix do not stack with mana shield. Reflect Damage (legend affix) reflects damage based on your MH damage, while the mana shield is based on OH damage

Another thing i tested is the Mana Shield skill of wiz, no matter what your skill level is, it doesn’t give a boost on the damage it will reflect, a level 20 mana shield will do the same reflect as lvl 1 mana shield, the only thing that changes is the spell duration and mana cost

And the last thing ( i already posted this one) is the insight talent of wiz which should give 0.25% dodge per level bit it doesn’t

Please correct me if im wrong and hopefully this will be fixed soon. Thanks guys

Hey ascof12!
Sorry, I was in the holidays.
Going to check the the first one and the second one out. Thanks for the detailed bug report!

Have you already hit the cap of reflect dmg, while testing the mana shield?

Noted the insight one.