Few more questions

  1. What is the max level?
  2. Why on some of my items do I have negative quality?? And what is the max quality an item can have.
  3. In pvp can I ever be faced up against a “live” player or will it always be his character?
  4. What is a hireling?
  5. What happens after floor 200?
  1. Hero level is 99 and items lvl is 100.
  2. Quality decides about how good the rolls are. The max is 25% for normal items and 50% for eternal (green) items.
  3. It’s always his character.
  4. Hireling is your second character that follows you and deal damage.
  5. Game campaign ends there. To progress further for 200+ floors you need to use challenge maps.
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Thank you this reply clears up a lot!
Now how do a lot of warriors keep up with mana costs? Mainly by using mp on hit/reduced cost?

You can try going with blood magic and hp leech or use harmony do your hp leech will regenerate mana or use energy mythic that converts mana to energy and you gain 30% energy every sec and the damage is increased by amount of energy you have.