Few questions

i got few noobish questions about DQ. I chose rogue (atm floor 320). Im interested in PvE only.
Also im sorry for my bad english, its not my mother language.

  1. Does Deadly Strike scale with Critical Damage %?
  2. I need explaination how elemental damage+crits work…
  3. What is the best element? (using frost atm)
  4. elemental dmg % vs elemental damage vs weapon damage % and weapon damage (worth stacking all of them? also, do they have cap?)
  5. sometimes my map just simply disappear after quitting the game and i gotta start over from floor 200. Why does this happen? is that a bug or something? :confused: (i began buying backup maps but still… its annoying)
  6. How are those light blue items called? and what is top rarity? (legendary, mythic… etc)
  7. is it possible to get legendary pet drop from store?
  8. I noticed that monsters are getting stronger and stronger with each floor, they can 1 hit me… i have 299 points in power… is that wise or should i respec and put some points into health?

Atm im at capped attack speed, crit damage+chance. i stacked some Coat proc (like 40%) (worth it or not?) and Deadly Strike 40% or so… Im aiming for top gear and then start making other builds (like pistols, chacram etc.).

  1. depends on your build/spec. I like bleed with poison on my warrior but on my wizard I typically use lit/shock.

  2. I have not run across that issue. It sounds like a bug. Are you finishing each map you open?

  3. white =regular/common
    Yellow = rare
    Orange - epic
    Red - legendary
    Green - eternal
    Aqua - crystal
    Purple - mythic

  4. yes.

  5. depends on your build really. Health will be a bit more important when leech is adjusted in the next patch.

Wait, Really!?!? People have been telling me that Legendary pets are from Enslavers only!


  1. yes
  2. every element has a special elemental crit, fire = imolation, ice = frozen, shock = stun, and poison = toxic cloud. There is no best element, they all have their uses and builds.
  3. look in the dictionary. The dmg formula is listed.
  4. cannot reproduce. Are you completing the maps and picking up the new ones that drop?
  5. as tdaniels stated, it depends on build. I find it pointless to get health since eventually you will get oneshotted anyways.
  1. I am running a debug build so I will have to double check with Steiger, I could be incorrect about this.