Fighting same people in Arena? Glitch?

I keep fighting Wei, Anjan, Prettyboy, --Long—, Mhiclmx , Marimar, Wei over and over again . (once went on 35win streak fighting same ppl wtf) I am also stuck in win streaks even though I lose… What is going on?

Did I get banned or something? I have never used or cheated in arena, so I dont understand wtf is going on

Wats ur pvp name

Lol. it would be fitting to have hackers stuck in a winstreak even if they loose XD

Hoping for devs to answer this.

Mines got fix idk how lol. Have you try to forfeit it might work.

What is your arena id?
We are currently working on the arena issue.

Im having the same problem but im not stucked on streak just facing same players, my IGN is PRETTYBOY

About banning: Cheating means using some programs for getting items or manipulating items/game mechanics. Once we have detected you have used such a programm, you will get a ban. This ban will last forever.
It’s unfair for people, who are investing hours in farming. We are definitely not supporting such an unfair behaviour.

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So this is a glitch everyone is experiencing and will get fixed?

Same here I keep fighting w/ long anjan pretyboy wei marmar luckyseven 2v2 arena

Just write down your arena name and we will see, weither it’s a bug or you got banned. @cereal

omg the only person i hate lol ur rouge so stronk @@


hmm interesting i dont lose to him much.

You got banned in this case.

huh?? for what? i havent cheated and i havent seen my name mentioned or reported wtf

the another pain in the ass is you WEI @@

um what? shm?

And I dont understand why I am getting banned? And you can atleast let players know so they can quit the game rather than wasting more time playing the game thinking it was a glitch. Thats lame

So Im in the banned list also? rofl these devs. Using backup/restore using DQ cloud is called cheating? LOL

Yeah if you are prettyboy looks like you are banned too wtf?

Ok, I have to correct myself.
Your account has been flagged for cheating, and have been placed in the separate ranking. Not banned :smile: