Finally! :D


But still i dnt have eternal trophy. How to get one? By luck? -.-


Go see your rank know, i
Kill you 4 times, randomly( sorry), i waz just farming chest…


Like i care? Lol its only my 2nd day in pvp. Kek


U playin ths game for a year and still ure in div. 2 kek


Wharever, fhink harever you whant, you dont know in what div i waz on season 1, 2, 3… Take a gess!


Congratulations !
Bad news is the drop rate of eternal trophy reduced a lot in 3.0, which is very unfair for new players.I suggest add some new features on trophy,probly make it like shop boosts or some.Players need to play more to keep their good trophy until the max service life,and have to use a new one.
Convert ledgend chest to eternal chest and open it by your level 99 char in you highest floor.


Owa big info mate. I just know you can covert chest. Thanks alot! Cheers! Yea its pretty unfair for us new players for the lower drop rate.


No one gives a fvck abt you mate. Srsly. Go brag somewhere else. Ty. Not here


No fighting plsssssss respect each other :blush:
Also great job @Dzjhao !! Keep it up


Thanks bru. :blush:


:heart_eyes: world peace


Kaasar haha. Yabang eh


@Dzjhao and @ZOMBOY please remember the rules and guidelines you agreed to adhere to when you signed up for the forum.


My bad. Maybe i skipped that part thats why im not aware. Atleast im aware now.


Thank you and congratulations on reaching eternal division.


Ty bru! :blush:


:heart_eyes: world peace and love




congratz, keep good work


bleee i got too many eternal in arena, tho im newbie. but i salvage some bcoz of not so good option. mythic league div