Finally done lol

took me some time to max though haha

hope ders also ascend for hero skill lol then get perma stat boost


Too bad heroic points only work for pve :sob:


my warris hero level is 98 1/3

@SilentKiller ya too bad i hope in future dey let it active in pvp (nerf version)

@Voldan good luck with that bro

Yea and as you already know, they only work through affix on gear. Still if you’re a rogue, having a few hero points for steslth makes a huge difference for pvp with vanish or stealth, but other than that, not too much hero point effects being used. Requires a careful balance between hero points and how good your build actually is.

in eternal div 1 most build are all warrior w/ heavy hp build mostly hammer/shield some use hatchet w/ lightning element warriors so popular in arena now lel . i think rogue need somes buffs in arena.rogues can also reach eternal div 1 but u need a good build.

It’s the items that need a buff, not the class itself. You can have same build on different characters and it will work almost the same for every class. The only difference between classes in pvp are talents and item armor.

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i think dey need to apply hero skill nerf version in pvp cuz thats make what ur char really is. dey say stealth is too OP with a rogue but thats why she is a rogue specialize in stealth and assasinating. if all class can tank/assasinate/burst dmg then i dont see the point of having diff class in pvp. each class should have der roles. hmm in items if dey buff it the pvp would only last few sec. i think tanky build needs a bit of nerf.

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Classes are not the same, becouse talents make huge difference. But what i mean is you can use the same 6 items on every char with really similiar results.

you got a point der but for me what diffirentiate a class from other class are hero points skill (just my opinion) in pve all class are great. in pvp its just that your only option to keep winning is too build tanky setup while maitaining low/minimum dmg. my point is other build is not viable at all … (even auto attack build is not a choice ex ricochet, guided, comet etc… ) u will be eaten by swarming torrents lol.(even using enigma or vault or other jumping skills or tons of leeches still not enough to survive

Torrent deal no damage if you don’t stand in them. There are skills that let you deal damage why you don’t stand still. While cerebral vortex is op, it is not necessary to be succesful. For the leech/on hit regeneration you need reflect damage affix to really see that it’s working good.

its imposible to not stand on torrents when u do auto attack build even u (attack move attack) will still not work … tried using reflect dmg still not enough for leech to survive

well for other builds it work well i tried it on somebuilds definitely work but its just not viable on other build(autoattack) also if u use summoner build on arena ull be just healing ur opponent lol leech too strong against multiple enemy .dey should nerf leech on multiple targets on arena (just a suggestion) so that summoner build will be also viable for those who love minions lol

Grats :smiley:

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In patch 2.3, you might find quite a bit of gifts which will be nice for pvp and pve :slight_smile: . Just wait and see O.o . Every patch is exciting! I’m sure alot of previous wishes will be granted soon.


@Nightbladejay thanks dude @CuzegSpiked im also itching waiting for it though i stil have no idea what will be coming im pretty sure its worth to wait. u made me more excited bro haha

Yea, can’t really blame you. I can’t wait to get it officially released so I can share my build without leaking.