FInding Legend/Crafting Legend

How can I craft the ‘bloodmagic’ guys :slight_smile: please help me hehe

You cant find bloodmagic legends anymore. I dont know if its possible through amethyst but I reckon the bestveay to get blood magic is using mythic affix bloodmagic. If your not sure, use dungeon quest wiki to help you.

This should help you.

Thank you very much!!

May I ask where can I get the “Skyfall staff” ? Before or after the floor 40?

I still got bloodmagic affix offer via amethyst though


How can I combine this Bombard Call down a barrage of meteors from the sky MH Weapon Mentor Endow Death Master help newbie here :confused:

you do this by put those 4 mythstones into an item (main hand weapon specifically) that has empty socket on it.
You either find those 4 empty socket item, or manually create an empty socket using Zircon

I will just put it on 1 socket or each socket?

to generate mythic affix, you need to put those 4 mythstones on 4 empty sockets.

You need a four socket item for example

And the skyfall staff is floor 40 up

Thank you very much!! I only need master (mythstone) to have bombard :slight_smile: thank you very much!!
And btw what crystal does add socket on items?

Thank you VicBot :slight_smile: !!


Zircon crystal?

Yes you can salvage garnet to get zircon or convert jasper to make zircon.

just example if u want mythic skill energy. u will need to add 4 empty socket via zircon (if u can affort) or u can just look for a piece part item with some empty socket or u can just looking piece that already have 4 empty socket.

Ѻ empty socket
Ѻ empty socket
Ѻ empty socket
Ѻ empty socket

What u need to do is put the mythic stone it req to make it

Ѻ Hero MS
Ѻ Wisdom MS
Ѻ Clarity MS
Ѻ Abyss MS

After u done slot in req Mythic stone in all 4 slot, that 4 slot will gone and will replace it with

Oh I got tons on gonna do to get bombard hehe it will take time but I think it worth it BTW Im a wizard :slight_smile:

BTW can I get crystal and mythstones in challenge maps like could I loot master mythstone and others