Finding my Rouge weak

Hi guys! I’m a total newbie playing games like this. I find my hero weak than the others whose same rank as me. I hate going to arena because that is a sure lose for me. Their heroes have those falling thingy like rocks and ice that sorrounds me. And my equipments are just guns, bows, boomerang and dagger but still I find my hero weak. BTW mine’s a rouge. Any advice is highly accepted. Thanks!

Sorry no one has responded to you yet. I meant to respond when you posted a few days ago but got distracted. Is your goal to do better in the arena?

Can you post any pictures of your gear (Mainhand wpn, OH wpn, chest, cap, amulet, ring and pet equipped)? Can you also post your hero points screen? It would also be helpful to know the secondary skill you’re using for the MH and OH, if you have changed it.

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Small comment: hero points are disabled in arena.


True but I’m not certain of the goal right now.

If you haven’t already done so, take some time to read what @Skaul has compiled. This should be very helpful since you’re new to DQ.

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Thank you really! Ok I’ll send some. Sorry for my late response.

mainhand Weapon

My OnHand Weapon



I also included the stuffs found in my inventory. Do I have to keep them coz I sell some. Thank you @Mr_Scooty

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You want atleast full legend gear of 95+ ilvl. Thays where I would start. I have 3 eternals, 1 mythic and 2 crystal items, all 100ilvl and Im still scared of arena.

The “falling rocks” and abilities like those are mostly legend affixes.

For leveling with a flintlock I would suggest get one item with a lot of mana, either on hit or regen, and look for crit chance, crit dmg, arcane damage and scattershot affixes.

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No problem on the late response. Give me a few minutes to dissect your gear.

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Wow! Thank you! Thank you @Mr_Scooty !

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@Kukinqo wow! I really should try that! Thank you ! I will look for it ! Thanks! I will take note of that…

Well, @moxyll thank you for your great reminder! :slight_smile:

Do you have a hireling? If not, follow this link to get a hireling without spending money if you can do the surveys. Many thanks to @moxyll for this information. The link I provided from @Skaul would really benefit you greatly.

In the link I provided, I also recently helped someone with a Rogue build. Scroll up to the top of the discussion and read all of the information and follow the links embedded in the discussion for more information. The falling items you mentioned are either meteors or someone using a bombard mythic. In the link I provided, there is a list of mythic items, which gear they can go on and the myth stones you need to make them. There should be a lot of information in the link above to help get you started. There is a lot of depth to this game and it takes some time experimenting with gear, staying on the forums and figuring out what you like to use.

Bottom line, there are 42 affixes available for each character (6 for Mainhand (MH), Offhand (OH), Chest, Cap, Ring, Amulet and pet). There are also 4 talents for your chest, Cap, Ring and amulet (you can change talents with Crystal stone citrine). In addition your gears, except pet, has natures that can be changed to give you a boost using Crystal stone Beryl.

Take out a few minutes to look at what @Griffin012 has put together on crystals.

More information from @Griffin012 on mythsones.

Here is a link to natures.

Link to mythics.

My suggestion is that you focus on farming and experiment with various legendary gear as it drops. Feel free to ask questions as you progress.

@Mr_Scooty I will check that out now. Thank you! I will read things carefully written there. Thank you really! You really are a great help! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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