Finding spec. Items and g.chest drops

Hi there, I was just bothered by the item drops and chest item drops, is it just me or the drop rates gone lowered byvthe updates? Cuse look, before I was able to loot easily rare items and legend ones specialy from golden chests and pow. Enemies but now, I had this farming difficulty already and can hardly find legends and rares from such resources even if I’m using kegend kind of maps.


No it hasn’t changed. In fact, I get really lucky with so many eternal drops and crystal legends in floor 200 like I always do. At floors above, I see where you come from. In those floors, legends take that much longer to drop and sometimes RNG can troll you for a week until you get the thing you wanted or get too many without asking.

Make sure you get item drops on both characters as well as fortune 20 and if possible, use epiphany on both characters. It’s definitely worth it.

Yah hunting specific items like nadroji and defiants parts are so qnnoying like you find wrong defiants everytime.
Ok I’ll try digging again

Yeah I get ya. Sometimes I was really lucky by getting like 6 ragnarok chakram, many vacuuos Scorpio chakram, lots of defiants and Malestrom. Also many many Masochist gear and other gears. Still RNG troll me. Like sometimes no cognition rings for a week or some other really sought after item.

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For me, the drop rates are just lower, the lower the map difficulty is.
It’s not documented in anyway, but the higher map lvl, the more legend drops it seems to me any way.

Ikr. When floor hiking, great amount of good legends I found.