Fingers crossed

Worst possible thing happened today. My phone froze up on me so I had to reset it to factory settings. I have been playing DQ for nearly a year now fairly hardcore. Had just recently got into a fairly comfortable place in game where my farming build with hireling was quite efficient on floora 600+. Fully ascended my warrior and was using Cronos4321 build on my wizard. Here come the sky falling, I haven’t backed up my characters in well over 3 or 4 months. Support is looking into what they can do, but for now I have nothing. Let’s all cross our fingers for me please, because I don’t believe I would be willing to reclimb this mountain starting all over.

My fingers are crossed :crossed_fingers:t3:that support can help you learn how to restore the data that was on your phone.

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Says on forums not to upload or download while they try and restore on their part. It’s killing to not just download the old saves but the difference from then until now is so night and day. Think wizard was still using griffins bandaid orb reactor set up and my warrior farm build was so sad. My crystal and mystone counts would make me cry, my low ascendence would make me sick and hardly being able to handle mythics 3 floor 200+ would make me throw phone. Just praying for a miracle because I love the game, more so now that I can tinker around more since patch 3.0. Was sitting on well over 20k dusts and plenty of crystals, was gonna break rogue out for some much needed love. Too sad. All because I thought the saves were just to put on other devices. Ignorance is not bliss.

Yes please follow their instructions exactly!! :crossed_fingers:t3:

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They got back with me upon intial support ticket fairly quick. It’s been over five hours since I did what was asked of me and I have emailed them several more times giving more info on what was lost and such and have not had a response since. It’s the weekend and normally the time I grind out for hours on end. Hah, a grown man all upset because he can’t unwind how he likes. Anyone know when the support crew calls it for the weekend.

Who wouldn’t be upset? Good luck in recovering data :slight_smile: . Bless the RNG and make you lucky super quickly to recover them back if possible :smile: :wink: XD.
I have been upset losing my save many times due to bad battery in my newbie days and other reasons but now I’m careful so I upload much just to be safe.

But let’s hope you don’t have to reclimb the mountain again.

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I know it’s just driving me nuts. I know I still had a good count of obsidian 4 months ago becuase I always buy the ultra rare for 5 mill in market whenever it’s there. May even have a few elixir then. The problem is my warrior is fully ascended, my wizard is over half way there. I had over 40 obsidian and somewhere around 15ish elixirs banked and my builds were to my liking to climb well past 1500s. I know I won’t have that or near enough myths and crystals to obtain my current builds. So frustated. Plus all the dust I recently aquired. Gonna have a break down lol

Be careful to always save game. While the makers will do all they can to help you out it seems they are hands tied when it come to items since it is random and all the needs we grind like crystals and mythstones can’t be given back. Looks like I have a long road back to where I was. Wish there was an open trade, lol, so sad but I will get back up there. Haha used to farm 600+ now I farm 181 haha.