Fire Bleed and You.. brought to you by a Warrior :)

The new patch is upon is, and with it always brings fun and excitment. Even as I type this, I have a smile on my face. Sorry… the kid in me I guess.

Before I begin, let me preface this by saying I am guilty of all counts that I am posting here.

But, in the interest of balance and fairness…

I actually wasn’t going to even bring this up, but after facing all the developer’s characters in game using the same setup (except clogon) and basicaly me now 3-0ing Clogon at will (He is what I consider the gold standard to measure your PVP Setup IMO), I figured it was warranted.

So, without further delay…

Prior to 2.1 Patch, most of us know that the Battle Arena was a Rogue fest. Basically 70 of the top 100 were Rogues.

Now, it has become a Fire/Bleed fest.

I mean… was bleeds supposed to be able to do 5000 damgae WITHOUT crits? I check my numbers after each match and they are hilarious. Bleed… 5K. Fire… 3K. Crits the are 2x that. Prior to this patch, I never received one defense chest. Now, I average 4 or 5 lol. Basically, it’s whoever gets bleed / fire off first lol. Emman is bleeding for 14K with crit. As developers who currently have characters in the Battle Arena, do you think this is over the top? I know me beating Clogon on a regular basis is cool and all, but I think Fire / Bleed is way over the top and could use some balancing. Just my opinion. Interested in yours.

Next up… the new Torrent Ability Cerbeal Vortex. RIP Range Classes haha. I faced a plinker and all I did was get in range and let him hit me and I killed him in like 8 seconds because the new Torrent Ability basically casts the torrent under the attacker’s feet - not at the casters. As a Warrior, I feel this is a HUGE nerf to Ranged Classes who want to use a Ranged Attack. Is this bugged or working as intended? In PVE this may be all good and fun, but in the Battle Arena it is way overboard in my opinion. I really shouldn’t feel bad for the Guideshotting Rogues, but I do. In my opinion, it should be under the caster’s feet - not the attacker. Just my opinion. Interested in yours.

Now don’t get me wrong… I enjoy seeing huge numbers. But now that we are all using the same setup, I figured I’d throw this out there to see what others thought. Can’t wait lol…


delete it quickly! why reveal all the secrets?! )))


Each patch have quality 2.0 poison 2.1 fire 2.2 ???

Forgot 1.7-1.8 ice haha


I haven’t been around for too long, so I’m not sure if that’s entirely true – but if it is, I think the better question is this:

Why aren’t patches providing better balance to the game, instead of simply diverting the imbalance to different overpowered element/mechanic?

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Yeah I feel the way you do Benzonia. Don’t get me wrong… I REALLY enjoy beating Clogon lol. That guy caused me so much grief prior to this patch… But in the interst of Game Balance, I just can’t sit back and watch. I just fought Clogon again. 3-0 again. He gave me a Rare Chest to boot. Now THAT is not right. With his Fame in Game he should be spitting out Eternals ONLY. This Rare chest is weak haha.


Maybe in the future update they will completely balance all the element as of now in my own observation ice and poison are almost balance just do some experement on those elements and you will beat those elements

It’s just that people havent been able to adapt to the new patch in pvp. Most of them still usse the same setup or havent changed anything. That’s because maybe they are still farming for gears. More powerful builds will unfold shortly = )

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Prepare for the season 2 battle arena :slight_smile:

Season 2 is gonna be lame. It is just going to come down to raw damage/bleeds and being able to get the first hit. So…

blink/ walk up to enemy
hit them (if one shot yay) if not
Run away til bleeds kill them.

The only counter is a ton if perseverance. Then it will just be about raw damage.

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@eater: I already beat those elements. I am using what I described above. Its a win.
@fodder: you are using it too lol I already fought and beat you with it also. I also lost against you. it’s whoever gets it off first. It’s basically like that with anyone at the top. Who gets fire dot / bleed off first. I feel sorry for mages an for any rogue wanting to use a bow.
@Fodder: yeah you are right basically. I have to admit I do really like some of the changes they made, especially the new scoring system and they did something to catch cheaters because I haven’t faced one of them since the new patch came in. The top is pretty much as you described. I actually tried 50 Perserverance on each piece and it didn’t make much of a difference on defense. I used up my entire stack of rubies for that haha. Not sure if it is bugged or what but I was still getting rocked for massive bleeds. So I went back to a weaker version of what I was running waiting for my rubies to fill back up so I can go back to my original build.

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I love the irony of everyone discovering the same builds at the same time.


@knutz I’m using it? I have looting gear on my main character. I think I have razored on my equipment but other than that it is all poison loot gear. If it is my rogue that is. If it is another character on mine I have no clue what gear is on them lol.

How did my ai fight? I don’t think I have changed it since my bow days and now I’m using battle mage for quick looting like we talked about in pm.

And it is funny my prediction about the arena was right. I still haven’t had the time to play much (haven’t even done arena since patch) but the bleed thing was always there and since they changed everything else it is just the op thing even though it wasn’t changed.

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Isn’t it that way since, like, BA began?

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Yes and no; Clogon was notorious for his overall build and the taunts.
If you were able to cc your opponent that was greater than raw damage, especially when sanctuary and vanish/ stealth are ways to prevent them from being one shot.

Of course the 0hko builds were successful so I guess it really depends on how you look at the grand scheme of things. We didn’t see any ohko holding the top ranks… maybe emman… but I don’t think raw damage was the way to making a truly great character.

This is all just imho.

Sorry Fodder I meant Fookee haha. My bad got my @s mixed up. I just now looked and I mentioned you twice. My bad big cat. :smile:

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So what is your opinion as a Tester on the current Fire / Bleed build everyone is running? You are a tester… over the top? working as intended? In need of balance? Like I said, I don’t have any heartburn as I abuse it too. Was just curious to hear some opinion.

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There’s a reason why I’m not playing arena anymore. As it is, it lacks diversity because percent bonuses are near useless when scaled down. Then the immunities. Much less now that all immunities can be rolled.

Don’t get me wrong, the arena is nice and all but it’s rare to see something different if it goes on like this. The mathematically superior build always wins, and that’s what everyone is trying to accomplish.


Concur with all. I am still trying to find something unique for my Rogue, but still no luck. Now that Bow is nerfed I really want to find a build with the Bow that nobody will expect. I got some ideas but getting the right stones / crystals / gear together is a royal pain in the rear; not to mention testing it in the live arena as opposed to the practice arena is brutially difficult. Now adays the immunities are a must unfortunately as without them you might as well just charge in to get it over with asap.

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