FireTV, DQ questions/issues

I have a warrior character and at some point, it stopped using mana, the meter is at 0 and picking up mana makes no difference. Offense takes health points, not mana points. I’m at legend status on all items, level 82 or so, playing maps >100. Is this normal?

I purchased an additional character for my daughter, which is a (I forget the type, it’s the third type… the female character). While my warrior can pick up all item types, even those for different characters (which I can’t use, but can sell), her character can only pick up the ones she can use and possibly not even those. One appeared to be a bow, which her character can use.

On a side note, this game is AWESOME on FireTV with a Nyko Playpad Pro.

Thanks for any info you can provide.

You have Blood Magic set affix somewhere, it turns all MP effects into HP effects, and it rocks.

Concerning the item thing, are you playing both characters together when it happens. Because you only pick up your own items when you have a hire.

Thanks. I wasn’t sure what had made that change, but I do enjoy it.

Regarding having a hire, no, I do not. Both characters are separate. I did buy her an imp so it picks up the extra stuff. Her character is a Rogue. It just seemed odd that on the main character (the one included for free), I can pick up anything, but the one that I paid 99 cents for, cannot. I don’t know if the “slot” is what makes the difference or not. Obviously, I’d think the one I paid for would be identical in functionality to the original one. The only other difference is the character class (warrior vs rogue).

There should be no difference for picking up class items. You can set what quality you can pick up, but that’s the only other thing I can think of.

How do I report this as a possible bug?

Also, when using the Nyko Playpad Pro, while in the Inventory screen, It appears that L2 and R2 (controller trigger buttons) should move from one bag to the next, but they don’t. I have to go to the actual buttons on the screen and click those. R1 and L1 (convert / move / sort), work fine.

@snowman are you sure her I’ve Tory is not full? I am not familiar with that particular pad. Does it have an r3 button (press in) function? If you are playing with two players pressing r3 will open the hireling inventory for management.

Thanks. I found the r3 button by accident because I did hire her today just to try to get her some experience. L99 with a L18 don’t work well together. I spent more time reviving her than fighting :smile:. For future re-discovery, pressing the right thumbstick is what brings up a hired character’s inventory.