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I just wanted to ask something,
Can you make FIRE ELEMENT great again?
Cause I seldom see users on arena who are with fire element types and even I also felt that using Fire element on arena couldnt help you alot. Its DOT isnt really that damaging. ( as well as poison)

Seldom players uses fire and poison because there’s so many counter of it in pvp like clothing in trophy and perceverance in the gear…

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Yah and that is the problem there. But atleast just make it more damaging so that it can still be useful on arena.

Arena has its meta. Fire was actually just cycled out because it was extremely easy to get 150K crits.


Yup. If fire were to be supreme again, my build would easily deal a million dmg or just crazy dmg per second. Orbs ftw. Well technically any well built build would deal crazy DPS. I mean I could still use fire but preserverance kills it. That’s if preserverance and stuff weren’t around. Good thing they are.

Tbh, I’m glad that the arena meta is different . :parrot:


I don’t know how it used to be but its only lightning and ice. I didn’t play much in the psn days but perseverance pretty much cuts that out