First Earthquake - Blood Magic Mythics


so I made an Ascending/Farm build for my hireling that has Earthquake on it, and it was really cool! I was so impressed, that it made up for making the MH a level 100 item instead of level 1. as I was testing it, I just let my Hireling Teleport/Shatter around leaving Earthquakes everywhere. what an awesome animation for an attack! I think I will save it, so I will have the level 1 for the first 50 levels, and the 100 for the rest. guess I’ll do the same for the OH. it is so fun watching the Earthquake animation. I even used Calcite so I could see it in action with all the Elements. I like the Fire and Ice animations best. the best part is how the Earthquake helps my Toons survivablilty. now I am thinking of making my Mains build with Earthquake, so there is going to be a lot of Earthquakes in the dungeons while I Ascend all of my Toons.
when I made the Blood Magic Mythic, I thought I was in trouble. all the MP costs went RED, and I thought I was going to kill myself using Twister with Reduced Cool Down in 3 hits. changed most of my Stat Points to HP, with a few in Power, increased my healing ability, and added some HP boosters for more HP.
this build is all Myth Stones and Mythics, except for the Pet. now I have more ideas for builds than I had before. I think my head hurts it is so full of ideas. :head_bandage: